Elevate Your Vacation Rental Home for Maximum Enjoyment
(and Profit $$$)

Attract the best guests, earn great reviews, command higher prices, and ensure you're always booked with good interior design you can implement yourself!


You want to make the most out of your rental property investment, right?

A well-designed and well-appointed home will provide the optimal vacation experience and "wow" factor to attract the best vacation-rental clientele, help you stay fully booked, and increase your profitability.  

But the overwhelm of designing the ideal space (often done from afar, at your permanent residence) can be daunting. You know that the sooner you get your rental space photo-ready, the sooner you'll be able to see your desired return on investment. 

Aren't you lucky you landed here? 

We take the overwhelm and stress out of creating a beautiful rental that withstands the demands of regular use and can be easily cleaned and quickly reset for maximum turnover.

I Want To Up-level My Rental Property

Hi, I'm Tiffany.

After a vacation, the islands became the permanent residence I did not want to end - the story of many of us who choose to stay! I've been designing beautiful homes and commercial spaces in the U.S. Virgin Islands since 2002. My team and I know how to make the most out of your real estate investment. 

With the popularity of vacation home rentals on the rise, I love to help owners, like you, design a first-class rental experience for your guests. Today's traveler is savvy - they've seen enough vacation homes to know when they've landed on a good one - let's make sure it's yours!

I Want to Up-level My Rental Property!

We've refined our best tips, advice, and design experience into programming to help you create beautiful spaces on your own.


Our premier online programming will save you time, money, and countless headaches (shipping to a remote locale, anyone?? Yikes!) and provide everything you need to implement your own design. 

Grab your favorite cold vacation beverage, pull up a chair for our
fun spin on "island time," and bring your design fantasy to life!


Vacation Rental Design Secrets

Our premier guidebook, resource directory, and stunning pictorial that will both inspire and deliver design solutions at your fingertips

This is your shortcut to designing your vacation rental for your enjoyment and maximum profit!

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Renovate Your Rental

Our comprehensive project planning and budgeting tool bundle.

You know that proper planning can save you time and money... but planning also helps you make money! Less downtime off the market means more weeks available to enjoy the property yourself or rent it out and increase your profits.  

Go from "Where do I start?" to "Let's do this!" in record time and without the stress and confusion that renovations usually bring.

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Bring the look of the island into your home...

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Then, dive into bigger design changes with…

How to Create a Professional Design Plan

Our soon-to-be-released online program to help you plan your design projects like a true pro!

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