Home Renovation Budget Planner

We take the overwhelm and stress out of renovating your space. 

Home Renovation Budget Planner

A powerful tool at your fingertips to take through your entire project
for planning, budgeting and organization


Prefilled fields with real world costs from our client's actual projects   

  •  Easy to personalize and update
  • A realistic, real world budget for your project that captures all the costs
  • At a glance budget reassurance to track your progress and expenses
  • Track and manage shipping information to keep you on schedule

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 Vacation Rental Design Secrets

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Vacation Rental Design Secrets

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Advice from a professional designer at your fingertips in this premier resource for rental property owners...

Dive into what really works (and what does not) in a quality rental home. After years of experience and feedback, we’ve heard all of the struggles… from all parties involved in the care, management, and use of your rental space. 

We’ve compiled our best solutions and now you’ll have our proven expertise in your pocket too!

This interactive, digital handbook gives insider tips on:


How to create a comfortable and ease care suite for your guests, complete with links to our favorite products and resources.


All the details on the best choices for tile, plumbing and lighting.

Our included cheat sheet and resource guide will make it easy for you to create a functional bath space for your rental home.

03.Designing Living Spaces

  • Ideal fabrics and rug choices
  • Usability and functionality
  • Quality furnishings that hold up over time


  • Practical design
  • Dining space set up
  • Ideal dish ware, flatware, cookware choices

05.Outdoor Spaces

  • Choosing the best patio furniture
  • Adding outdoor bars and kitchens
  • Considerations for outdoor showers

06.ADA Compliance

Accessibility can mean increased rental revenue.  Use our checklist to see if your home is, or could easily become, ADA friendly.

We've linked you to the best places to get more in-depth accurate information.

07.Finishing Touches

This is where our years of design experience really shines!

It's these little details that get you the 5-Star reviews rather than a 4-Star.

These are the reasons your guests will book again and again without even shopping other properties.

"Vacation Rental Design Secrets" is the first step toward loving your vacation home more than ever while maximizing the profitability of your rental space your guests can't help but rave about!

Experience matters when it comes to creating interiors laid back and spaces infused with the vacation attitude.

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